Genesis Dei

Once upon a time there was a Massively Multiplayer Online Diplomatic Turn Based Strategy Game called Genesis. Before that, it was known as Wizards and Warlocks (this is so long ago that this one was made in Java Servlets). It had minimal marketing, but still attracted several thousand players.

Genesis was a complex game, with players having to band together to even think of achieving any success. Good planning and strategic leadership were critical skills to have, with depth coming not from the game mechanics themselves, but from how you’d apply them on the field.

Fast-forward several years after Genesis stopped updating and stopped working at all. Genesis Dei wants to ressurect the legacy and even improve on it, where possible. A grand task, but, bit by bit, achievable.


For as long as I’ll be developing the game, it will be free to play with no pay-to-win features. None. Data collection, while critical for research, will be at the players’ discretion and able to be opted-out from. Also transparent.

Where to play - the game is currently on hiatus indefinitely. You can register an account to be notified by email of when a new round will start.