Bolt CMS and Windows IIS hosts

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Are you trying to get Bolt running on a Windows server? Is the dashboard not loading at all? Are you getting errors telling you things like "curl_multi_exec() has been disabled for security reasons"?

I have just moved from a Linux webhost to a Windows webhost (to take advantage of ASP.NET hosting, alongside PHP) and decided to port my portfolio site (this! You’re reading it right now!) to it. Everything was fine and dandy, except me being unable to access the dashboard. First I got the error mentioned above, then, after updating to the latest version of Bolt, got nothing at all (the request would hang until IIS would forcefully end it).

Flash forward a few hours later, a fix: just disable PHP WinCache (or its equivalent, depending on your host) and restart the site.

As proof that it worked for me, see this very post. (EDIT 2016 - Welp. Not using Bolt due to transfer to static websites. Trust me, it worked!)

If anyone’s curious, the Windows webhost I speak of is They’ve got a free trial. Yep.