Curriculum Vitae 2.0

Technical Skills


Quite a lot of experience coding in C++, mostly for game development and programming competitions.


Have used C# for game development (XNA), web development (ASP.NET), general Windows development as well as building libraries like the genetic programming one (Sharp Genetics).

PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript

Most of my web development used to be PHP code, thus I am comfortable around it. As a side effect, I have learned a lot of MySQL and quite a bit of Javascript and the basics of CSS.

AI Technologies

Comfortable around evolutionary strategies, genetic programming, neural networks, planning and many other algorithms for creating AI.

Public Speaking

I have had the chance to do a lot of public speaking. Also trained by Toastmasters International!

...and more!

These are just the important slices of me right now. I am also capable of Java (though I would prefer not to), Python, Ruby (on Rails sometimes), LaTeX and more. And more! I might even be convinced to remember Pascal from back in the day.