Curriculum Vitae 2.0


University of Essex, University of York, University of London (Goldsmiths)

Sep 2014 to Sep 2018

PhD in Computational Intelligence and Game Balance - IGGI

Under the supervision of Prof. Riccardo Poli and Dr. Daniel Kudenko. Researching methods to aid game design balancing through the use of automated tools.

All is done with the support of the IGGI Centre for Doctoral Training.

More information on IGGI available at .


“Evolving a Designer-Balanced Neural Network for Ms PacMan”, Morosan and Poli - CEEC 2017

“Speeding up genetic algorithm-based game balancing using fitness predictors”, Morosan and Poli - Poster at GECCO 2017

“Automated Game Balancing in Ms Pacman and StarCraft using Evolutionary Algorithms”, Morosan and Poli - EvoStar 2017

University of Essex

Oct 2013 to Sep 2014

MSc Advanced Computer Science

Attended courses in Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Text Analytics and Advanced Web Development.

University of Essex

Oct 2010 to Jun 2013

BSc Computer Science

Graduated with a First Class degree with Honours. Studied courses such as Genetic Programming, Web Development, Algorithms and Data Structures, Game Development, Natural Language Engineering and Formal Methods.

Colegiul National "Petru Rares" Suceava

Sep 2006 to Jun 2010

Programming - German

Finished the degree with a score in the Baccalaureate of 92%, with 98% in Mathematics and 98% in Programming.